How to Conquer the Internet

How to Conquer the Internet

Published in 2002 by Oxford University Press Children's

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Another "How To" guide, part of the successful series that tells children everything they need to know about the hottest topics in the world today. How to Conquer the Internet is sure-fire guide to becoming a super-surfer on the worldwide web. Internet use, especially in the UK, has grown enormously in the last few years. Finding their way around the ever-growing volume of information on the web is a formidable challenge for children. From this book they can learn how to search effectively, how to download free stuff, travel the world on-line, and create their own web site. Using this book as a guide, every child can become a web wizard!

As well as writing books about the Internet, Ian Lewis runs a film production company, writes film and TV writes scripts, and directs TV programmes for children and adults....

This book was published in several countries including the USA, and also (in translation) in Spanish-speaking countries, Korea, and Russia.