Guerrilla TV

Published by Focal Press in 2000

Low-budget television programme-making - written at a time when programme budgets had suddenly fallen radically as new channels came on air, all demanding programming, but without the funds to make programmes in the way they had been.

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•An anarchic look at television programme making today
•Real life examples
•Covers everything from markets to distributors for your programmes and everything in between

The world of digital television means hundreds of channels, all trying to be different, all looking for product. But the overall international production spend has scarcely increased. Guerrilla TV shows how to make high quality programmes at budget levels which were previously thought impossible, and how to make a living doing it. This book is about empowerment; about making things happen. It is packed full of ideas, inspiration and help. The author, an experienced director/producer/writer, provides an insight into the 'real world' of television programme making today. He uses many examples of how different low budget programs have been handled successfully with very professional results.

 Guerrilla TV assumes that you are starting with little more than a desk and a telephone, in a world where everything has to be paid for. The mantra running throughout this book is: 'think before you spend'. Do not use money (of which you have very little) as a substitute for thought (which is free). And the other mantra: 'in the end, you don't save money by scrimping!