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Ian Lewis his writing site.
(Around Shakespeare's time and into the seventeenth century, certain people picky on grammar believed that the genitive/possessive "s" - as in "Ian's site" - was a contraction of "Ian his site". Actually it shows the genitive case as it still survives in German.) 

I put my first book together aged nine. It was a Christmas story bound in a tasteful cover made from wrapping-paper over card, and was written for and dedicated to my little sister. After that, I kept on writing because I couldn’t stop. Not that I ever tried.

I grew up in a small market town in southern England in a house with many books, where at school I had one of those semi-mythical teachers of English who open new worlds for you. It was, too, in a landscape full of ancient places and tales, and those stories and places became an important part of me. I often visited Wayland’s Smithy, though I never left a horse for him to shoe before morning. I walked the circle of Avebury at midnight, when mist filled the surrounding ditch, still deep after five thousand years. When, at university, I read the romances of the Middle Ages, ballads, folk tales, and legends, I felt I knew where they had taken place. Tolkien lived in the same landscape. I might have glimpsed his hobbits.

Otherwise, I've been lucky to have been paid for a lot - but far from all - of my writing. I've written the books listed on this site. I've written hundreds of factual video and television scripts. I write magazine articles. I wrote several scripts for the tv animation series Mona the Vampire, a project I discovered and developed. I've written films, which I've also directed. (My company site: www.farnhamfilm.com)

But you always want to do something different. So I'm working on some more fiction, and a stage play. And we'll see what happens... 

I live in rural Herefordshire in the west of England, and in Vienna (Austria), and I love the contrast between the country and the European city.

And the storymachine? The Internet is full of story machines now, but I first registered this domain - storymachine.co.uk - in 1999, so I think my claim is as good as anyone's.

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